Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What time is it.........

Summe Time!! Finally here and LOVING IT!!! We had a delicious(well sorta) Breakfast on the last day of school cooked by the teachers. Enjoying the Breakfast.

Being bored.

Keola eating and showing us that it is tasty. haha!

My yearbook was full. I feel so special. LOL

Waiting for our car pool.......


And waiting!!

Everyone have fun this summer. I will miss seeing all my friends but we still have a while to go until we are officaily out of school forever..... so no worries.


brinley said...

The breakfast wasn't really that good but oh well it was fun!

brinley said...

Hey I say were I signed on ur yearbook picture! Its in the green!

brinley said...

When I said say I meant see

Beth said...

lindsey u said that u hate people saying hags! jk thanks but u won't miss me cause we see eah other all the time.

brinley said...

I lv the music on ur blog!!!

Sister Madeline Bleak said...

im reading all your comments and its like youve totally forgotten about me!!JK

but i really wish that i could see you this summer!!!
i miss you soooo mcuh!!

ps. what were you waiting for? like whats with the carpool?

luv you and miss u LOTS!!