Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor Kayden!

Poor Kayden broke his leg at jessica's brithday! He can't really do a lot this summer so now he is stuck in his bed. But thanks to Dominic Kayden can sit in his bed as he rides motorcycles and golfs. Kayden has his own Wii hooked up in his room so he can play when ever he wants!

Kayden Conner and Ethan playing the Wii and having fun.

The flat iron!

Amazing Jessica Did it agian. My hair with a straigtener! She curled it! I loved it and thought that she needed to be reconized as the most awesome sister ever!! Thanks jess your always there, love you!

Pine Valley

We had so much fun in pine valley just a couple weeks ago.
Then we got rained out but it was so beautiful!
(sorry it's upside down:p)