Tuesday, January 4, 2011

AHAH a lot of Catching UP!!! First EFY!!

EFY!! June 21st through the 25th of 2010! It was so much fun!! I had a blast! My leaders name was Kristen and my group was amazing! Our company name was Highest Degree. (We're as hot and high as we can be!)
I met a lot of new people and had a blast with them. Of course I bawled on the last day! Haha, but I can't describe how much fun and spiritual it was. We stayed at my grandma Allphin's house and all tried to squeeze on a queen size bed.... all three of us.... me, Breelyn, and Beth... yeah not very pretty.

These are my M&M's look at the one that is brown and green Awesome ! I thought it was so cool and couldn't stop thinking about it.
Me and Cameron! He is crazy but was the nicest guy ever!!
Nick, and me. Okay maybe there were two nice guys! He taught me how to swing dance! [I feel pretty bad though because i probably smacked him in the face like 18 times :)]
For our service project we tied blankets!! It was fun, as you can tell by abby's smile!
This was all the girls in my company! Beth is doing a thumbs up, i don't think she ever did anything else:)
Me and Abby really hyper after a talk/ devotional thing.
Ben and this kid named Trevor (or something like that). We were waiting in line for the food!
The very last day, also the most emotional day. Random people i didn't know came up and gave me hugs! Us and some random girl in our company :)
Still waiting in line!
2nd day we were there, Notice cameron's Star Wars shirt! Talk about Star Wars Fanatic!