Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Japan was a blast except for all the subways! Thanks grandma and grandpa mac!
A beautiful garden at The Maji Shrine. This garden was made by the Emperor for his Queen. The Maji Shrine.

A wedding at the Maji Shrine. The Bride and the Groom are
the ones under the umbrella.
Jess, Grandma, and me on our way to the shrine.

The Lambergini store down the street from the
church office building.

This is us on the plane and I was freaked out of my mind. Everytime my stomach would make the tiniest drop i would freak and scream. Off the plane after 9 and 1/2 hours.
Kicking it with grandma and grandpa on the bus ride to their apartment.

A day later at the local grocery store. Everything is so small!
I LOVE their grocery carts.Fresh Striped Shiskabobbed Squid!
So yeah we had so much fun!
Although i got homesick it was still fun. Me and my grandma and jessica did
some shopping online because
japan was so exensive. And i got to spend sometime with the older other
missionary couples
that worked at the temple.
Another way cool thing was doing baptisms for the dead.
The tokyo temple was so gorgous. (spelling sry)
With stained glass windows and everything it was a blast!