Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is me and Sandee late wednesday night being hyper and taking tons and TONS of pics!


HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get braces!!! They are coming up in March!!!
For all those who have braces..........

My new glasses!

These are my new glasses so cute!
My other ones broke and they
had to be glued and then when they finally
were glued Trevor knocked them of my face and they
broke. They couldn't hold on
one more second. Thank goodness
for Standerd Optical!!

Me being weird and loving my new glasses!

Cute little Babies!!

This last week my
Aunt Jill came down with
her twins. They are so cute!
I miss them so much!
This is Eli.

And this is Sam.
Is it just me or are they
wayyyy cute.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A couple of weeks ago
the Pay family came to our
house. The Pay's are President
Hinckley's Inlaws. They told us lots
of cool pioneer storys.

(Us Listing to them.)

This is the gravestone of the Pay's Aunt. She was only 1 years old when she died on the pains. It was so cool to see an actual gravestone of one of Sister Hinckley's Relitives. The cute part about it is that The babies Dad took the time to make his Baby a little gravestone that says " Our Baby." With a heart above it. I cried!
This is the Pays from left to right, Evelyn, Joanne, Dorene, Doug. Sister Hincklely was the oldest of her Siblings. Doug is the only boy and he loves Jessica. Jessica went on a trek with him a couple years ago so he was way excited to see her. He was so sweet, they all were!

Ethan had found out that he can get away with about anything so he went ahead and tore apart the living room. He tried to make a hut with kayden but it didn't really but he still had fun.

HEY Guys so what up On Thursday We had Flash Back Day it was Fun!! I meet Beth at the corner at 6:15 and we had so much fun! Big thanks to Ann And Jessica Who Provided Us with the clothes and Hair-Do's. Ha Ha We look Halarious!!!